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Guest Article by Patrolman X


Patrolman X is a New Jersey Municipal Police Officer.  We keep his 

identity anonymous because he makes regular contributions to this site, 

some of which could cause him ill will from the politically correct. 


        On Sunday, June 22, 2003, after serving twenty-two years of a maximum thirty-year sentence, a cop killer went free.  Out of respect for the memory of Officer William J. Perry, I will not mention the name of the worthless being that took his life. 


       Three days before Christmas, December 22, 1980, Officer Perry was riding the train from Harrison where he had been at court.  He was in plainclothes, wearing body armor while a badge dangled from the chain around his neck.  As the crowded train rambled towards the Journal Square Station, Perry observed someone puffing on a cigarette.  He could have ignored the infraction, hiding comfortably behind the anonymity which comes from being in plainclothes.  Officer Perry was a good cop, and good cops step up to the plate even when it would have been easier not to.   


       Officer Perry walked over to the man and told him to stop smoking. Witnesses recounted that the man became loud and verbally abusive toward Perry. After the train arrived at the station, Perry pulled the man from the train car and onto the platform.  Immediately a fist fight broke out.  The punching and grappling continued with both men spilling onto the tracks.


       While fighting on the tracks, the suspect, apparently, maneuvered to a more advantageous body position than Perry and was able to gain a free hand. Undoubtedly, at several points during the fight, many a hardened criminal would have fled the scene choosing to blend into a crowded terminal in order to slip away rather than continue the fight.  No, not this guy; this animal’s instinct for killing would be indulged.


       Witnesses observed the suspect remove a handgun from his pocket, take aim at Officer Perry, a husband and father of two, and shoot him multiple times in his chest. One of the rounds ricocheted off Perry’s badge and into his neck.  In that instant the animal had shown his true nature, he had become a cop killer, one of society’s most feared predators. The cop killing animal then ran along the tracks to the street and carjacked an occupied vehicle, victimizing yet another person. 


       In the days following the release, Perry’s wife and two kids must have wrestled with the pain of having lost their father to this worthless scumbag, once again trying to find a way to reconcile it.  My heart as well as the hearts of police officers everywhere is with them. 


       I truly hope that God levels his almighty hand upon this animal’s soul in some way, shape, or form, removing this evil being from the face of our earth, sparing other innocent people from his predatory inclinations. I truly believe that someday this animal will be lying in the gutter taking his last breath when the last thing his eyes will see is a cop standing over him. An image of Officer William J. Perry standing there, handcuffs in hand, poised and ready to finish the arrest he started many years ago; ready to take him before God so that he may be judged and sentenced to serve for all eternity in Hell. 


          -Patrolman X






Captain Girvin is A Master Centurion, the truest leader of cops.  I heard it on the news.  It wasn’t so much the fact that a NYPD cop got shot; something else was causing my mind to drift back to the story. What the hell was a lone Captain doing jumping out on two suspects in the middle of the night in Manhattan?  Initially the news reported the Captain was off-duty but it later turned out it wasn’t a chance off-duty incident; he was the commanding officer of Manhattan North’s NYPD anti-crime unit. 


With a promising career, Captain Girvin had many reasons to justify cruising past the two mopes crouching behind the parked car. This is what I found so compelling about this story.  By the time darkness had fell on this hot city night in Manhattan, Captain Girvin had it made.  At thirty-five he had already reached a point in his career where many guys would have been content to ride-out their career behind a desk or “manage” a quiet command.  That goes for many police department “brass” nowadays, they typically try and stay far away from the front lines, choosing to protect their fragile rank and nurture their upward mobility rather than risk getting dirty in the trenches. But you can’t confuse Captain Girvin with some rear-echelon police boss who is just biding his time until the next promotion.


Instead of circling around and waiting for one of his grunts to do the dirty work of making contact with the pair of suspicious scumbags, he marched into battle himself. “Pop…Pop, Pop!” Captain Girvin had taken two shots to the abdomen.  They tried to kill him! With all the courage and strength of a true battle-hardened warrior, he didn’t go down after getting hit; instead Captain Girvin remained on his feet, staggering while the street animals scurried like rats into the night. A Master Centurion, wounded, alone, he managed to summon his blue legion with one command, “10-13”. Other Centurions arrived and carried him from the battlefield where, but for the grace of God, he has survived to fight again.


Captain Girvin is more than just an example for all those in his command, even more so he is an example for all proactive cops who continue to march into battle everyday for the sake of defending their communities from the savage horde.  Captain Girvin is a Master Centurion. The kind of leader I would follow into battle any day. 


- Ptl. X


If anyone from NYPD is reading this and knows him, please 

send him a link to this site or forward the article to him.