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Officer Found
Not guilty in Assemblyman
DWI Case


• Man Drops Knife After Police Bring Him Beer, Cigs

      --More New Jersey Law Enforcement Headlines

• Ocean County Police Train to Fight Mental Illness

• Camden Chief to Appear on Face the Nation

• Weighing the Pro's and Con's of Body Cameras

• Newark Mourning Sudden Death of Veteran Officer

• Actress Detained by Police Refuses to Apologize

• Swatting Offense Costly, Difficult to Investigate

• Penn. Trooper Laid to Rest

• Oceanport Officer, 26, Dies from Cancer


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The Column

Councilman Calls
Injured Hero Cop a Fool

NJLawman Blog

MV Searches Getting
Harder in New Jersey

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NJ Cops Make
Too Much

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NJ Newspaper's Shot
at Police Backfires

Roll Call

Video: violent Arrest Brings
Massive Backup Response Editorial


Jersey City Police Officer Tony...  more

Governor Christie And Senate President Sweeney Break Ground On Bipartisan Project At Rowan University

The Column

A Showdown Looms

In the background of the... more

Lillo Brancato

The Column

A Slain Hero,
A Freed Coward

Actor Lillo Brancato was released... more

The Column

Boston Mayor-Elect to
Cops: You Don't Need AR-15's

Boston Mayor-elect Martin Walsh opposes... more Editorial

Anti-Law Enforcement Bias
 Alive and Well in New Jersey is caught exploiting a police...   more

Courtesy of Sharon Press
from Wells Fargo

Police & Fire Mortgage Interest Rate

Boston Mayor to Cops: You Don't Need AR-15's

It never ends. The mentality never ends.  Boston... more

Bloomfield Needs Support for Suspended Captain

Bloomfield Captain James Behre speaks out at a council meeting and is suspended   more

Cape May Officer Pulls
Man from Burning Car

“He didn’t hesitate,” said Cape May Police Captain Rob Sheehan referring to Police...      more

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Street Survival 2013 Didn't Disappoint

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Anti-Law Enforcement Bias Alive and Well in New Jersey

TCNJ Police Set the Standard for Active Shooter Training

Princeton University,  Arm Your Cops!

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Freehold Borough Officers
React Quickly, Save Lives

West Long Branch Officers Honored for Saving  Woman

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